Friday, September 28, 2007

Play a song

"You say you got a revolutionary song in your head
Don't worry yourself son, all the revolutionaries are dead"

- Play A Song For Mother c. 2005 B. Lisik (from the CD Happiness Is Boring - Cherokee Queen Records)

For the record. And for Ex Post Facto's lawyers. I can't believe it...Pennsylvania again. This, after the whole Giants of Science thing. Or who knows, maybe they are big fans. Will the real Brian Lisik please stand up?...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Look Ma, I'm blogging!...

Okay, so here's the deal. I have no idea where this blog is starting, where it will end, what it's going to be about (exactly), how I'm going to get anybody to read it (which, considering the subject matter that some of the posts could explore, might ultimately be a good thing), or why I'm even doing this.

But I do know that I am very anal retentive when it comes to grammar and spell checking, so English teachers the world over should love me right off the bat.

For those not familiar with me - I'm very famous. I grew up (relatively speaking) and still live in and around Akron, Ohio - which I love so very much that I try and leave as much as humanly possible. I write highly personal diary-type emails to friends (and some folks who don't even know me) to purge myself of my inner demons, (I use a lot of parentheses), I play in a band that gets played a lot on local radio, I have a Website, and my hair is really cool and Rod-Stewart-ish looking. So basically, I'm every white kid on MTV after 1 a.m....I think. Is there still such a thing as MTV?

Only thing is, I'm in my 30s with two kids of my own who think I'm either really cool or should make a trip forthwith to the local Salvation Army and unload the old leather jacket, Hot Topic skinny pants and Chuck Taylors - cause even though I lost 20 pounds on tour the last six months, I'm still dad and those Cheap Hotel Pants (as Mr. Waress called know, "no ballroom") are just embarassing....embaraassing...embare...I don't know how to spell that, so screw it.

By the way, you'll soon meet Mr. Waress, along with a host of other very interesting and bizarre characters (to me anyway) including the guys in the band - Steve Overend Outs, Drez, and Craig; a bunch of really cool people in other bands like Brent Scurvy and the mighty Bobby (after too much Skyline Chili) Fartina; Clock Eyes; The Carolina Tit Pimp; Elvis's-Drummers-Great-Nephew; Anus Young; Kris Jackofferson; Van Boreison; Ric Ocasuck; Rod Stupid and Ronnie Lame; and many many more. So hope you stick around. It's the inside joke with no punch line babies, so just hang on and enjoy it - as a girl I once knew used to say. Not really, I just made that up.

Right now though, I have to run - I'm moderating a political debate between four local school board candidates on a cable TV show. See, I told you non-believing sons-of-bitches that I was famous!


P.S. BTW (see, cool Internet speak already..) I did ask people their opinions of whether or not I should do this blog. Asked them in my equally really cool band newsletter called Excess Baggage. More on that later too, promise. Anyway, a whole bunch of people (like, three I think) wrote right back, "yes, yes, do a blog!" So if this all ends up sucking real bad, or simply sucking the life out of me, I'll give you all their emails so you can yell at them. In the meantime, I just hope reading this helps keep all you kids off the street....and me to...'cause my wife hates that shit.