Thursday, January 5, 2012



Well happy new year, y’all! And welcome to the first Excess Baggage issue of 2012. I hope I remember how to write these things, considering that I think I only did two issues last year. In fact, you might want to print a copy of this one to hang on yer fridge. It might end up being kinda rare.

But first things first, mark yer calendars for a few shows and at least one radio interview coming up soon. Tune in to WHBC-AM 1480 at 6:15 p.m. Jan. 5 for a biting Lisik interview by resident rock jock David Selby’s “Local Buzz” show, wherein I become the coolest music on talk radio at 6:15 p.m. on a Thursday. Ya know, since Rush Limbaugh’s show is over and you can’t hear the Pretenders playing “My City Was Gone” again until noon Friday…oh never mind, just tune in to Dave’s show…

And learn about our upcoming live shows including appearances at the Barrel Room in North Canton at 8 p.m. Jan. 14 and Acoustix in Akron at 8 p.m. Jan. 21 – where I’ll be sharing the stage with my old guitar slingin’ partner, John Markovic.

In un-live news, work on new CD (entitled The Mess That Money Could Buy or, if we decide to quote engineer Clint Holley instead, we might call it Wasted Sundays) will be done and out by spring 2012, promise. But remember, we still define what “spring” means.

The Brian Lisik documentary film by Eddie Tomecko, On The Wrong Side Of The Canal - at least part-one of it - will be sorta re-released this year as well. You see, we screened it in Akron in late 2009, then its retail release stalled due to complications with our distributor that were beyond our control (psst…that means they never really had a distributor, but whatever)

A brand new site will also be launched within months, and I will be completing at least an EP’s worth of brand new songs with the Unfortunates for 2012 fan consumption.

All that being said, I have been fortunate enough in the past few months to be presented with a boatload of other opportunities to work on a wide range of projects, each of which I’ll at least dipping my feet into the tub of. Please forgive the vagueness of the forthcoming (very long) sentence, but the lawyers, publishers and producers would probably appreciate if I did that at this point; and I digress.

I have begun work on a book project with a prominent former Northeast Ohio elected official who is no longer elected – which sorta forms the basis of the book; a documentary by a Canadian filmmaker recounting one of the most notorious cases of false accusation in American history; a web-based “TV” series due to begin shooting in March about a group of musicians trying to “make it” (I think the role I’m gonna read for is a German guy, and I’m not sure if “make it” means I’ll be playing a lot of music or having a lot of sex scenes. Either way, I better find all my old Scorpions records and start practicin’); and, oh yeah, Joe Waller and I are about to start writing theme music for a new cartoon - that being the most likely project of all to be completed since, as live-action cartoon characters ourselves, we’re halfway there.

In the meantime, please visit me/us on facebook and twitter and at the somewhat resurrected All The Revolutionaries Are Dead blog. And for those of you who would actually like to see what a semi-completed and highly imaginative project from a Lisik looks like, check out what started as my son Christian’s Christmas vacation homework assignment and actually turned into a really cool story. Maybe the fruit really don’t fall far from the tree.

See ya at the shows kiddies!


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