Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lisik in Nashville Music News

Check out some cool coverage today in Nashville Music News.  Special thanks to the Michael J. Media team!

Also stay tuned for details on the release of the live DVD concert film, "Save Me From My Life," featuring Brian Lisik, Steve Norgrove and Joe Waller - recorded July 6 at Buzzbin Music and Art Shop by Henry J. Konzcak of Random Acts of Music

Friday, July 6, 2012



Hey kids,

Welcome back to the Excess Baggage newsletter, which I’ve been very lax in updating of late – but hey, we’ve also been quite busy. As you’ll soon see/read. If you get that far. And don’t get bored first. Anyway. Here you go…

TONIGHT, TONIGHT TONIGHT!! that would be July 6, Steve Norgrove, Joe Waller and I will be tearing up the Buzzbin stage (339 Cleveland Ave. N.W.) in Canton as Canton First Friday celebrates its (I think) 5th birthday and we celebrate about the fifth time in the past two years that we’ve plugged in and played loudly. So we are really looking forward to this increasingly rare “powerless trio” show. Plus, our friend and filmmaker (well, not really our filmmaker, but you know what I mean..) Henry J. will be shooting footage from the show for the first video from our soon-to-be-released new CD. (more on both those things later, so hang in there). Show starts at 8 and also on the bill are Good Hours and my friend James Couts and his band, Toy Pianos. James interviewed me on his radio show in about 2008 about the new album I was about to release and…

WELL FOLKS, THAT ALBUM IS COMING OUT THIS FALL! I know, I had to resist the urge to call it Lisik Democracy – as Mr. Norgrove suggested before we realized that Axl Rose probably has nothing better to do these days than kick our asses for making fun of him. But after a loooong stretch of time, The Mess That Money Can Buy will be released Sept. 18, with the press and radio campaign kicking off in a couple weeks (thanks Mr. Farley!), the brand new going live at the same time (thanks Ms. Price!), and your chance to preorder the disc and get it months before the rest of the world can (’cause we like you better…xoxo…). Oh, this is really cool too, as part of the pre-release promo, we will also be re-releasing part one of On the Wrong Side of the Canal, the Brian Lisik documentary film by Eddie Tomecko, as several Youtube vignettes. So, once again, a project that was screened several years ago (and still, technically in production…) will, at least to some degree, see the light of day this year as well – yay!

SPEAKING OF FILMS AND SUCH I have been cast in an online series being filmed by the aforementioned Henry J. called Open Mic. The film – to be released in a series of “webisodes” revolves around a group of musicians vying for a record contract. In my first onscreen speaking role I play a former big shot lead singer of a German metal band who is now a bitter has-been sponging off his girlfriend …yeah, big stretch, huh? Filming began last week; we will keep ya posted on the progress, and/or visit for more.

IN OTHER NEWS, the band has begun demoing material for our next release – which we are tentatively “promising” to have out by 2013; after another wonderful, and wonderfully off-the-cuff, rendition of “Dancing In the Dark” at a benefit for at Time Traveler CDs last month, Tracey Thomas and I are kicking around the idea of a whole album’s worth of Bruce Springsteen covers…mainly because of the audience member at the show who suggested we call it A Load of B.S. – which I think would be a great album title. Work also continues on former Northfield Village Mayor and Belkin-Maduri photographer Vic Milani’s memoir – tentatively titled Life Isn’t Fair, Politics Is Worse which I am co-writing with the venerable Mr. Milani. And somewhere along the line I think I wanna publish some of my Sun News Loose Ends columns in some book form – including the legendary piece about my son learning to fart under his armpit that won me a Suburban Newspapers of America award.

OUR WEEKEND LIVE SHOW EXTRAVAGANA CONTINUES at 8 p.m. July 7 at Michael D’s (1411 Whipple Ave., Canton) and 6 p.m. July 8 at Nathan’s Patio Bar (725 30th St. N.E. Canton). For the full schedule, visit

TILL NEXT TIME, see ya at the shows kiddies!