Friday, August 31, 2012

The Canton Rep reviews "The Mess That Money Could Buy"

Lisik waxes poetic with Dan Kane of the Canton Repository on recording in Collinwood ("Dodging bullets is the right atmosphere for recording a rock record"); releasing "Mess That Money Could Buy" ("I remember sitting in the driveway listening to the demos and saying 'should we put this thing out?'"); and The Giants of Science ("We played faster so we could get off stage quicker. The band was utterly fearless").
And it looks really cool in the print version of Ticket - thanks Dan!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brian Lisik - HUGE in Belgium!!


(photo from the Rock Werchter Festival - Belgium.  We can't pronounce it either, but I also don't know what a "CD-valve" is. What an (An)twerp I am...)

Tell Jean Claude Van Damme, David Hasselhoff and the Gert Jonnys to watch out - 'cause we are HUGE in Belgium!! Check out the new review of The Mess That Money Could Buy (wherin Steve Norgrove becomes a bigger star than me, and my son becomes my brother) courtesy of the Google translation below, then follow the link to see how cool I look in Flemish!  ...

Monday, August 27, 2012


Dan Harr gives his take on the new Brian Lisik CD "The Mess That Money Could Buy" in this week's Music News Nashville.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The very rare phenomenon known as Unfortunates band practice! check this out.  Probably won't happen again for months

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lisik heads to Pittsburgh - for a

Back on the road behind The Mess That Money Could Buy

Hey kids,
                           Just a quick update update for all our fans east of the Ohio border - and heartfelt thank ya to Chet Vincent -
                           The band and I will be headed back to Pittsburgh Oct. 5 where we will appear at Howler's 4509 Liberty Ave. (in the Bloomfield 'hood) with Chet Vincent and the Big Bend and Grand Piano.  Given that bill, kinda seems like I should come up with some synonym for "large" to describe the Unfortunates this time out.. Brian Lisik and the Largely Untuned Band or something.  At any rate, looking forward to seeing all our friends in the Steel City again!
                             And we'll be returning the favor to Chet and band soon as we bring them to wild and wonderful Northeast Ohio for a show or two.
                            In the meantime, stay tuned to for show updates, web exclusive songs (including the new one Joe Waller and I recorded at Rubber City Studios entitled "Next Time Around" which is going to be the theme song for a new animated TV show called "818"), info about the new CD The Mess That Money Could Buy, which will officially be released Sept. 18, and updates on the Sept. 7 release party at Buzzbin Art & Music Shop, 339 Cleveland Ave. N.W. in Canton where we will play with 30 opening acts as part of the Buzzbin Brewed Roots



Saturday, August 11, 2012

Latest Lisik News - Excess Baggage Vol. 9 Issue 4


You Should Hear: Brian Lisik Band - Upcoming CD not too polished or too raw
Published: Friday, August 29, 2008, 8:58 AM Updated: Friday, August 29, 2008, 9:19 AM

Looking ahead, Akron-based singer-guitarist Brian Lisik is thinking about a new band album due out later by early 2009. Already receiving stage time are new songs "Change on Your Own" and "I'm Satisfied." "If we're known for anything, it's kind of the raggedy, Stonesy-meets-Replacements kind of sound," said Lisik, a Rubber City native. "Our 2004 album 'Baggage' was a more produced studio album, whereas our 2006 album 'Happiness is Boring' was just a get in there and turn on the tape recorder and go at it album, like a rock band record. This one sort of unintentionally splits the difference. It's almost my Led Zeppelin 'III' record." (Yeah. This was published four years ago…)

Hey kids,
                                Welcome to another exciting installment of Excess Baggage, with the big news remaining the upcoming release of The Mess That Money Could Buy, the long-awaited follow-up to Happiness Is Boring, due out Sept. 18.  And as we ramp up for the release and tour (including stops in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Williamsport Pa. New York City, Plattsburgh NY., Burlington VT., and Madison, WI), the band and I are keeping busy around town.
JOE WALLER AND I just laid down a version of our co-write, “Next Time Around” at Rubber City Studios in Akron for use in the pilot episode of a new animated TV series called “818” (Hollywood area code…and I hope I get an animated part…that’s all I know now).  The tune turned out really well (yeah, I know a two-man “band” recording a thumping punk-blues sounding thing in a studio in seedy South Akron… what copycats we are) and I think we’re gonna put it up on as some kinda “fan club members only” exclusive download or something.

SPEAKING OF NEW MATERIAL, on the eve of the first official Brian Lisik release in six years,  Steve Norgrove and I continue to record some of the coolest songs we’ve ever written (“Beaten Up Blue,” “Born on Needles and Pins,” “Tattered and Broken,” “Nothing There,” “St. Patrick’s Day (Alex)”….ah the list goes on..).  So rest assured, whatever it ends up sounding like, the next  follow-up album should arrive after a much shorter gestation period.

FILMING FOR OPEN MIC: THE SERIES continues this month, although writer-director Henry J.  Konczak has decided to change my role from that of bitter ex-rocker Hans to Hans’s arch rival – currently hot rock star Billy James.  In hindsight, I am a better actor with a guitar in my hands.  Ask my band. 

ON THE LITERARY TIP, be on the lookout later this year for Life Isn’t Fair, Politics Is Worse – the fairly self-explanatory tome I am writing with Victor Milani - former Northfield Village, Ohio mayor and photographer for Belkin Productions and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

SO TILL NEXT TIME visit for show updates, songs, videos and all sorts of fun.  And we’ll see ya at the shows kiddies.