Tuesday, October 8, 2013

LATEST LISIK NEWS: Work on new album continues; live concert film coming soon; select shows thru 2013


Howdy folks -

As work continues at Studio 521 on the new studio album from Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates (due out Spring 2014), be on the lookout later this month for the release of the band's live concert film Save Me From My Life, shot by Henry J. Konczak at shows in Canton, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pa. in the summer of 2012 (and check out the stunning cover art mock up above from the amazing - just ask him - Gerard Dominick of G-Designs!)

Also check out brianlisik.com to order yer very own copy of The Mess That Money Could Buy (if you've been living under a rock and don't own one yet. Plus, ya know, Christmas is coming, so you can order another one for the less fortunate of yer family and friends!) and the snappy new Mess That Money Could Buy T shirts, in brilliant black-n-white or black-n-blue (which one ya pick probably says something about you psychologically...but we won't tell).

And be sure to check out updates on the Shows page, as we will be making select appearances in Ohio and Pa. throughout the year, gearing up for the big Midwest/East Coast tour in 2014.

Cheers babies - and see ya at the shows!

Friday, August 30, 2013


Thanks to Raven from Corrupt TV's Pennsylvania affiliate, Corruptsylvania !
(hearts and smiley faces included...)

I'd like to introduce Brian Lisik to you tonight. He is another AWESOME Artists from the Arkon, OH show case that I was able to finally meet up with. Brian it's been a pleasure chatting it up with off and on the past few weeks and to finally be able to post our interview thrills me. I love your answers to all my off the wall questions I tossed at ya.  You're wonderful. I look forward to checking in with you from time to time to see how things are goin.

So, Here it is everyone my interview with Brian Lisik.

Raven: When did music become your passion?

Brian Lisik: Like most people, I've always had music around me in some way. My parents always had a lot of stuff from the 50s and 60s lying around - Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, old country stuff. But when my older brother, Brock, got a guitar when he was about 15 and one of our cousins played us a Waylon Jennings record, it was all over. Brock learned as much of the Waylon catalog we could get our hands on, so I got to see someone playing Waylon songs in my own basement. At about 10 years old I began to really think 'THAT is something I could see myself doing.' Plus it had become painfully apparent by that point that I was a horrible baseball player and Indiana Jones wasn't hiring archaeologist interns to help fight Nazis, so my options were limited.

Raven: What drives you to keep pursing your dreams?

Brian Lisik: Stupidity mainly. And the fact that I keep coming up with songs and the live set keeps getting more solid and better. I guess the goal from the beginning was to become really good, get lots of accolades for my brilliance, then ride off into the sunset or something. I've gotten better, some people have told me I'm not bad, but I'm far from riding off anywhere yet.

Raven: What are your aspirations for the future?

Brian Lisik: I think I probably started to answer that one in the last question. In general, just to keep working and getting paid. In the immediate future, the band and I are recording a new CD that we hope to have out in the spring of 2014 - and we have been talking to a couple different labels about releasing it, which could open it up to some more markets than the other ones have been able to hit. So far we've had great success press-wise - and thank you for that - but I'd definitely like to tour more. I play throughout the Midwest and East Coast fairly regularly, but maybe get out west and down south some. And we are also releasing a live DVD later this year. So stay tuned.

Raven: How has the underground music world been to you?

Brian: The underground music world has kind of been a second - or maybe first - home for me. And 'underground' has meant a lot of different things over the years that I've been playing. I used to write for Scene Magazine in Cleveland and I got to review all the 'underground' music that the magazine received - which meant mostly self-released or very small label stuff that nobody else wanted to listen to. But I discovered some killer bands that way; Guided By Voices, Afghan Whigs, Less Than Jake, the Kelley Deal 6000, Todd Snider, some guy named Bob from Detroit who went by the name Kid Rock - then years later, many of these bands were being touted as the new wave of 'Alternative music' and everybody wanted to sound like The Nixons. To me, music - at least rock music - sounds best all loud and sweaty in a basement that smells like a cross between stale beer and mold. But I play at many much nicer places now - you know, since I am a guy who gets interviewed by magazines now. Wink.

Raven: HeHe! 

Raven:What’s your favorite moment so far in your career?

Brian Lisik: Boy, that is a tough one. Really every time my band and I are on stage and hit a groove and sort of glance at each other with that 'wow' expression - that becomes the latest 'favorite moment.' But I'd have to say the best times overall have been the really surreal moments - having lunch at Don Dixon's house with the Smithereens and Don gets a call from the guy who is about to go out on tour playing drums for Don Henley; doing shots and learning the chords to 'Frankie' backstage with Jesse Malin while my bass player is banging on the door going 'dude, we're on, let's go!'; practicing in the garage with my daughter and her friends as our 'audience'; watching my son sing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs with his new guitar player at a show on a patio in Canton last week...I got a million of 'em.

Raven: Where is your next event going to be held at?

Brian Lisik: I am playing at 6 p.m. tomorrow night (Aug. 30) at Eadies Fish House, 6616 Wise Ave. N.W. in North Canton. But depending on when this story runs, just check out www.brianlisik.com for the whole schedule.
Also, Oct. 5 at http://thecenterofharmony.com/event/brian-lisik-concert/ will be my PA Show.

Raven: Where can we find your music to listen so we can jam to your awesomeness?

Brian Lisik: You can find me @
Brian Lisik rock musician and writer.

Raven:What is your favorite color and why?

Brian Lisik: Apologies to all the artists out there who may claim white and black aren't real colors, but I just feel like I look best wearing black. And I love Johnny Cash. So black is my favorite color.

Raven:Do you have a favorite memory from life so far that you can share with us?

Brian Lisik: Hmm...another tough one. Actually I can't think of just one. I'm proud of a lot of my accomplishments and being a dad has been one big long favorite memory really. But I guess I'll be vague and say I'm glad that in the memory department, I've had more favorites than not. From what I can remember.

Raven:If a fan is sitting there struggling with something in life, what would your advice be to them?

Brian Lisik: Don't quit. I know that sounds all Nancy-Reagan-Just-Say-No, or I'm-OK-Your-OK psycho-babble crap. But I remember several years ago, when I was going through - in hindsight - what was a really rough time for me - and a guy I worked with at a radio station came outside to have a smoke and I was standing there and he must have noticed something and he said 'you know, it will all work out. Because it has to, right?' In other words, life is life and it has a weird way of working out - not always like you think it should, but it does. We can't even control half of it. And by the way, I took that line from my co-worker and stuck it in a song. So you should also buy a Brian Lisik CD and come to a show if you are struggling with life; rock-n-roll always worked for me.

Keep it ROCKIN Brian.. Again thank you so much for this awesome time you shared with me here. We MUST do it again soon! 

Everyone check out Brian Lisik's work and be ready to be wow'd by the wonderful music you will find there. 
CTV only brings you the best underground stuff in the whole world!!!

Where will the adventure's take Raven next? Stay Tuned in to find out!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


After a few months back home taking care of business, socking away some cash, getting started on both the next studio record (due out Spring 2014) and the Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates live concert film Save Me From My Life, and working on a new on-the-road memoir (set to be released in 2014 in conjunction with the long-awaited retail release of the Lisik documentary film On The Wrong Side of the Canal) The Messy 2012-2013 Tour is set to hit the road again in early October, with planned stops in Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

New Brian Lisik The Mess That Money Could Buy T-shirts are also on sale now and can be purchased at the brianlisik.com store - http://www.brianlisik.com/ - along with the Happiness Is Boring and The Mess That Money Could Buy cds.

Stay tuned for more updates at brianlisik.com , www.facebook.com/brianlisik, and www.twitter.com/brianlisik .

And see ya at the shows kiddies!

“Picturesque story lines at times reminiscent of the masters of the genre including Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.” Bruce Moore - Pure Grain Audio

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lisik stars as rocker Billy James in new online film, "Open Mic - The Series"

Brian Lisik and drummer Joe Waller joined the cast of Henry J. Konczak's film Open Mic - The Series, July 5 for a live concert segment at the historic Lion's Theater in Massillon, Oh.

The majority of the film, which follows a group of Nashville-based musicians (including Steve McClain, pictured with Lisik) in search of a record contract, was cast and filmed in Music City.

Lisik portrays Billy James, the musical nemesis of McClain's character, Hans. Since, you know, just like all those cool old Beatles and Elvis movies, there  always has to be a musical nemesis...

Details coming soon on the film's release and distribution. Visit  Open Mic - The Series  for more information.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates have just been confirmed to perform at Canal Park, 300 S. Main St. Akron, Oh. at 6 p.m. Friday June 7 before the Akron Aeros/Portland Sea Dogs (Boston Red Sox affiliate) game.  And the band's favorite weather girl has confirmed that it should be a bit warmer than the band's April 6 Canal Park performance.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recording begins on new Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates disc, Hacksaws and Duct Tape

Stay tuned for updates on how you can become a part of the recording by signing up for the Hacksaws and Duct Tape "Song of the Week Club."

Meanwhile, here's a little something from the May 11 session at Studio 521 in Canton to whet yer appetites. Brian Lisik and Steve Norgrove tracking "Beaten Up Blue" with engineer Ben Payne behind the boards and drummer Joe Waller about to lay down some fonk...cheers kiddies!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


John Benson reviews The Mess That Money Could Buy and previews Lisik's live debut at the Lemon Grove in Youngstown. 

Stay tuned for the summer 2013 release of a new line of Lisik T-shirts and the Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates live concert film Save Me From My Life...(live)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Lisik waxes poetic about being literary, gives props to Sun News, and name drops the Black Keys in the Warren Tribune Chronicle.

Monday, April 22, 2013



Long time no talk to kiddies, but there has been plenty brewing.  So here ya go.

THIS WEEKEND, I will be making my debut at a couple clubs - the Ohio Brewing Company in Akron April 26, and the Lemon Grove (thank you very much Alexis Antes!) in Youngstown (promise I won't sing the Bruce Springsteen song...too obvious...) April 27.  Then, on May 3, I will return to  Brother's Lounge in Cleveland, followed shortly afterward that night by the legendary rosavelt, which will be performing in the Brother's main hall.  Check out brianlisik.com for details, and pick up copies of the Youngstown Vindicator and Warren Tribune Chronicle this week for coverage of the shows and the latest CD, The Mess That Money Could Buy.  And hope to see ya all out at the shows.

MEANWHILE, THE UNFORTUNATES and I will be heading back to the studio in May with engineer/co-producer Benjamin Payne (Tracey Thomas, Yankee Bravo) to begin work on the follow-up to The Mess That Money Could Buy.  With around 20 songs ready to roll tape on, this is officially the most new material we've ever had at our disposal at any one given time; it's also (in my humble opinion) the best we've ever had in one place at one time.  So stay tuned for updates throughout the recording.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Henry J. Productions, in association with Cherokee Queen Records, will be releasing the Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates concert film Save Me From My Life (Live) this summer, featuring a full set recorded at Buzzbin Records in July 2012 along with on-the-road footage and the official music video for the song "Five Other Rooms."

TILL NEXT TIME, see ya at the shows kids!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We're coming out, we're coming out..and other overt Replacement references







Brian Lisik to perform at Kimball’s

March 7, 2013
Submitted , Williamsport Sun-Gazette
The dichotomy of seeking recognition and fame, while simultaneously running from it as fast as possible, has permeated Akron, Ohio, rocker Brian Lisik's work since his days as founder and front man of the self-proclaimed "slop rock" band The Giants of Science in the late 1990s.
A psychologist would likely have a field day dissecting what fears, insecurities or simple dissatisfaction with life that may mask, but all we have as sure evidence is two blistering Giants of Science EPs ("Hang Ups and All" and "A Minor Disturbance"); two more albums of the solo variety (2004's "Baggage" and 2006's "Happiness Is Boring"); and now Lisik's new offering, "The Mess That Money Could Buy" (released September 2012 via Lisik's own Cherokee Queen Records).
It would be tempting to chalk up the cheeky title of Lisik's latest disc, and the six-year span between it and its predecessor, to that aforementioned artistic dichotomy. But the singer himself disagrees.

Article Photos

Brian Lisik will perform at 8 p.m. March 22 at Kimball’s Pub, 972 Second St. For more information about Lisik, visit www.brianlisik.com.
"No, I actually wasn't trying to take nearly a decade to make a record," Lisik said. "We actually had 90 percent of it done in about six months.
"Then we began the process of trying to make it sound good, which was probably a mistake. In the end though, it does sound really good. It just took us forever to finish and annoyed quite a few studio engineers along the way."
While "Mess" is alternately balls-out rocking ("Small Town Royal Family" "Five Other Rooms," "A Mess"), surprisingly tender ("Nights In Shining Amore," "Last Words") and mightily frustrating to pop music perfectionists (check the botched count-off on "I'm Satisfied"), it is ultimately real which is all Lisik was looking for.
"I've been at this a while, both as a performer and someone who has analyzed and written a lot about performers," he said. "And in the end, forming some sort of bond or communion with an audience is really what it's all about. Minus that, it doesn't really matter how much time or money you spent or didn't spend on your piece of art. All those things help when it comes to getting people to know you exist, but if it isn't genuine, your piece of art is basically a piece of something else."
In a recent Facebook post of a video filmed at a Canton, Ohio, venue more resembling a loading dock than a nightclub, Lisik commented about his performance, saying, "'Passenger Side' [is a] A Wilco classic about being drunk. I messed up most of the chords. I was sober."
The irony of the posting is that the largely unappreciative crowd is treated to one of the most appropriately fragile-yet-defiant versions of the song this side of Jeff Tweedy himself.
"I don't really set out to be a screw-up," Lisik said. "It just seems very natural for me sometimes."
That supreme, yet genuinely self-deprecating confidence is rare in artists. "I basically live with creative people, but I find most 'artists' to be insufferably boorish and self centered," said Lisik. "I am too, mind you, but I don't have to talk to myself if I don't want to."
Brian Lisik will perform at 8 p.m. March 22 at Kimball's Pub, 972 Second St.
For more information, visit www.brianlisik.com.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Four guys walk into a TV studio....

Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates visited Fox 8 News in Cleveland Mar. 4, performing live  and hanging backstage with Morning Show host and former Ms. Missouri, Kristi Capel.  Not a bad way to spend a Monday morning.

The Brian Lisik "Messy Spring Tour 2013" rolls on Mar. 5 at Brother's Lounge in Cleveland; Mar. 22 at Kimball's in Williamsport, Pa.; Mar. 23 at PATH Cafe in New York City; and Mar. 29 at Amvets Post 555 in Canton, Oh.

Lisik's latest release, The Mess That Money Could Buy is available now from Cherokeee Queen Records at www.brianlisik.com , amazon.com , itunes, spotify , and at fine retailers everywhere.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates on Fox 8 Mar. 4

Don't forget to set your digital VD recorders.

 Brian Lisik and The Unfortunates will be on the Fox 8 morning show in Cleveland on Monday between 7:45 and 9:00 a.m.

And don't forget to pick your copy of The Mess That Money Could Buy. It makes a great St. Patty's Day gift (especially when combined with numerous pints of Guinness).

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brian Lisik – Messy Spring Tour 2013

Brian Lisik – Messy Spring Tour 2013

“catchy phrasing, jangly guitar riffs and great pop hooks” – No Depression

2/15  Tap House Concert Venue – Akron, Oh.
2/22  Amvets 555 – Canton, Oh.
2/23  Firehouse – Massillon, Oh.
3/1  Gavin’s – New Philadelphia, Oh.
3/5  Brothers Lounge – Cleveland, Oh.
3/22 Kimball’s – Williamsport, Pa.
3/23 PATH CafĂ© – New York City, Ny.
3/29 Amvets 555 – Canton, Oh. 

New CD The Mess That Money Could Buy – out now

Monday, February 11, 2013


With stops in Canton, Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, Williamsport Pa., and New York City.  Hope to see you all somewhere in our travels.

Visit www.brianlisik.com for the full schedule

And thank you for all yer support!  If you haven't yet, get yer very own copy of The Mess That Money Could Buy at www.brianlisik.com, www.cdbaby.com/all/lisik, amazon, itunes, and fine retailers everywhere.

Cheers babies!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Good morning campers...
Former Skope Magazine editor and Billboard
contributor Bill Kopp reviews The Mess That Money Could Buy today in his Musoscribe blog.

link below: