Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too bad inspiration comes at such a cost...

But it took the passing of one of the greatest rock lyricists and most probably the best musical composer of the last 30 years to get me to writing a post on this thing. But just listen to "13," "Thank You Friends" or "Septembur Girls" and you'll get it.

And thank you so much Alex. Scribbling down what came to mind in the five minutes after I heard was the least a not-so-Big Star could do.


St. Patrick's Day/
Passed away/
Don't let the road rise up to meet ya/
Don't let this world beat ya/
Even if/
It can't recognize/
What we did/
With our lives/
Before it heart attacked us/
The big heartattalex/
Lyrics written in italics/
My life/
Who would've imagained...

And it only happens once/
Like falling in love/
A punch in the gut/
And the breath you lose/
And the air you breathe/
We lost you/
As he turned 13

St. Patrick's Day/
He went away/
A toast could be raised/
To yester daze/
But what's in a name/

Float away/
Float away/
Just float away