Saturday, April 4, 2015

LATEST LISIK NEWS: New album, new shows, and the critics are speaking

Waxing poetic on Curtisinterruptedus....

"Catchy phrasing, jangly guitar riffs and great pop hooks" - No Depression

"Vignettes of a somewhat darker nature; sex is suggested, but it’s hardly joyous. ...a fine mix of songs that will take you into a world that isn’t always pretty but is certainly vivid and memorable" - Buzzard Tracks

"(A) treasure trove of power pop influences…(for) lovers of both tuneful retro pop and rust-belt rock" - Cool Cleveland

"In your face vocals and guitar. Curtisinterruptedusis is unquestionably a great alt-rock experience" - BVS Reviews

"With his clever word play and jangly guitar, Lisik takes a riff from Corinthians and leaves his childhood toys behind. A mature AOR set worthy of a long time rocker" - Midwest Record

"Imagine Leonard Cohen fronting Old 97s" - The Trades

Hello long lost chillun,
It has indeed been a long, crazy year - filled with everything from employment venue changes, to surgery tables, to the formation of the best band lineup I've ever assembled. But the first fruits of all that labor - Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates' new album Curtisinterruptedus - will hit the streets on April 28.

The big CD Release soiree will take place April 24 at Jilly's Music Room, 111 N. Main Street in Akron - with special guest Kevin Junior of the Chamber Strings, accompanied by the wonderful Ms. Anne Lillis, kicking off the festivities.

Other appearances this month include my participation in Scene Magazine and the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame production "Ohio'sGreatest Hits" (thanks show producer Ryan Humbert!) April 16 at the MusicBox where I'll be doing a couple numbers (along with my esteemed pian-a player, Tim Longfellow) by an adopted Kent, Ohio son - by way of NYC - and the absolute greatest R&B/Soul singer to ever come out of Cleveland.  That's all the hints yer gonna get other than to say it would be great if Pam Grier showed up to see me sing it.

 Looking ahead, stay tuned for summer and fall shows across the Midwest and East Coast (hey Columbus; Cincinnati; Morgantown, W.Va.; Youngstown; Pittsburgh; State College; Williamsport; New York City; Ann Arbor; Toledo; Buffalo; Rochester; Chicago; Detroit; Indianapolis; and points to be determined in New Jersey and Wisconsin....we're talking to you) and visit early and often for lots more updates.

 Yeah, I'm actually going to be doing that more often this year.  And I may even include some CD and movie reviews, how-to manuals, and favorite peanut butter recipes.  So stay tuned.


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